We are a distributor of high quality o-rings, special radial seals per customer request…

The rubber materials are sourced from the best European manufacturers and the seals are in compliance with the requirements of DIN EN 3760. We are able to ensure 100% QA check per customer request.

A wide range of standard sizes from different materials (NBR, MVQ, FKM, HNBR or EPDM) are in stock and available within 2-3 days.

More than 3000 different NBR and FKM o-rings are in stock.

Nearly 2000 different types of the original blue simmerring (many pressure proof or metal covered) are in stock.

Also many Freudenberg – MERKEL hydraulic seals are available from our stock or within a few days.

The seals are distributed to customers from up to 20 countries. Our main customers come from automotive & truck industry, the industrial market or aftermarket goods….

Elastic PTFE  Edge Oil Seals

 The price of these oil seals is at most twice as much as the conventional ones and they are available in stock with a maximum delay of 1-2 days.  Packaging is available in rolls for industrial consumption or in attractive individual units.

PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) is a material with a minimal friction coefficient and can only be used with great difficulty in the manufacturing of oil seals.

PTFE coated rings are much better than conventional rings for a number of reasons, one of them being increased lifetime

– Due to their low friction properties, these seals develops less heat and can be used in higher temperature environment.

– The low friction effect allows the use with lower energy consumption.

– In case of insufficient lubrication, they provide longer lifetime and endurance.

Vibration dampers

We offer many different types of vibration dampers, in a wide variety and size range. Besides the five standard types, we offer parabolic, tapered, round, radius and many other shapes. If you are looking for any other type please contact our team via email.

Damper lists